About Us
The Teetotalist is a non-alcoholic bar and social club located in Sacramento, California. Founded in 2022, The Teetotalist offers a unique and inclusive social experience for people who choose to abstain from alcohol or simply want to explore new and exciting non-alcoholic beverages. Our establishment features a variety of craft mocktails, zero-proof cocktails, and other non-alcoholic drinks. The Teetotalist has become a popular destination for those seeking a healthier and more mindful drinking experience, as well as for those in recovery or who are sober. The bar has a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that encourages socializing, with regular events such as live music, art shows, and trivia nights. Overall, The Teetotalist represents a growing trend towards more inclusive and mindful drinking culture, and has become a beloved fixture in the Sacramento community.

Where to Visit Us
We have several pop up events planned over the next month! Check out our Instagram for details and stay tuned for announcements on our permanent home.